Drilling down deep into energy for sustainable information value

There is no easy oil. There is no easy gas. World demand for energy fluctuates with the rhythms of the economy, but the overall trend will remain up. Energy companies must continue to meet demand in the most challenging of scenarios. Operational excellence is the bedrock of your profitability, and information excellence is its foundation.

Atos is in a special position to help energy companies get the information they need to achieve operational excellence. We are one of the very few organizations able to manage Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) in real-time.

This allows us to deliver reliable and timely pictures of operations when and how they are needed, from the rig to the executive dashboard. This reduces risk, gives better utilization and extends the useful life of company assets.



There is no cheap oil anymore and companies are operating in tougher, more marginal conditions while searching for new resources. In exploration and production, it is vital not to waste a single molecule of precious hydrocarbons.


Atos Worldgrid

Atos Worldgrid is a leader in every aspect of real-time intelligence. We create a comprehensive digital mirror of your upstream Oil & Gas operations, giving you an end to end view of every process and system on a minute by minute basis.


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Simon West
Global Sales & Marketing
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