IT-Dienstleistungen für komplexe Rechnerumgebungen

On July 1, 2016, science + computing  became Atos.
Our expertise and customer proximity remain unchanged.

Atos offers IT services, solutions and software for the efficient use of complex computer environments in research, development and computation. Our customers in this area include manufacturers and suppliers in the automotive, microelectronics, aerospace and pharmaceutics sectors as well as scientific research institutes.


We help our R&D customers focus on their core business objectives. We provide an efficient, cost-effective and resilient IT infrastructure, i.e. an environment that meets the demands placed on it. Letting our customers focus on research and development, we reliably and cost-efficiently manage the IT - inconspicuously in the background.


High Performance Computing

Accelerate product innovations with the efficient use of high-performance computing (HPC) with Windows and Linux operating systems

IT Security

Achieve a clearly defined level of safety in the R&D environment in the given timeframe and budget with managed security services

Test Data Management und Measured Data Management in CAT

Get a grip on the amounts of data in computer aided testing (CAT) with a unified data management based on ASAM ODS and OpenMDM standards

System Management with scVENUS

Increase productivity and avoid errors with automated, intelligent system management for heterogeneous Unix, Linux and Windows networks

3D Virtualization

Increase the flexibility and security of developer workstations using virtual desktop infrastructure in technical computing

License Monitoring with scVENUS License Tracker

Determine actual use of software licenses and reduce software costs by intelligent license monitoring


Use free software efficiently with ready to run packages combined with professional support

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